Declaration of Values

Growth Through Education

We feel strongly that constructive change within the community will come about through education, cooperation and positive interaction rather than through coercion and through unilateral edicts.

Torah & Higher Education

We stand strongly in favour of higher secular education and recognize the value and necessity of a college and university education in creating a complete Torah-Jew who can function in the world at-large, fulfill his or her potential and appreciate all of God's work.

Learning & Earning

We cherish the traditional way of life in which one combines the learning of Torah and observance of missvot together with earning a livelihood (Torah im Derekh Eress).

Medinat Yisrael

We recognize God's providence in the establishment of the State of Israel, fully support its security and prosperity and, in prayer and in deed, celebrate its existence.

Commitment to Halakha

We are committed to conformity to Halakha, based upon the Code of Law written by R. Yosef. Karo, as shaped and developed through the generations by the long-standing customs and practices of the Sephardic community (minhag), and as expressed by the Rabbis of our synagogues. At the same time we recognize that those who may not totally conform to Halakha today are still deserving of our respect and guidance.

Respect & Tolerance

We assert that, regardless of idealogical or other differences, community Rabbis are obligated to treat each other, and their respective congregants, with respect, and dignity. It follows that all Community institutions, even those which have philosophies with which we may differ, are to be accorded respect.


Interaction with


In accordance with our Sephardic heritage, we believe that community members should be engaged not only to prosper and grow in the practice of traditional Judaism, but to engage the world in a productive and creative manner.