January 2020

Dear Community Members,

As you surely know, much of the beauty that emanates from our community comes from the dedication of our members to one another. Over the past 100+ years, our community members have created an extensive array of organizations and institutions that aim to preserve and perpetuate our heritage, educate and promote both religious and secular studies, and provide food, clothing and support to those in need. Based on the foundations seeded by our visionary leaders so many years ago, our community has built an incredible support system that can address the most complex of challenges with dignity and compassion while remaining relentlessly committed to our traditional core values.


As the size and needs of our community evolve, so do these organizations and institutions. Countless members work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to have the resources to flourish, to grow religiously and intellectually, and to continue our commitment to helping one another for many generations to come. We're blessed to see this quality manifest in all age groups of our community.


In an effort to shine a light on the next generation of leaders, we are excited to announce our newest initiative, SCA 20 In Their Twenties. This summer we hope to highlight the next generation of leaders and visionaries, featuring some of the brightest and most innovative young adults who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Whether for existing institutions or through the development of new initiatives, these rising stars have taken it upon themselves to further advance the development of our community and enrich the lives of their fellow members.


Which young men and women have stood out to you as movers and shakers in their congregations, institutions or community organizations? Who has been a source of inspiration for their young peers due to their commitment to giving back? The nomination process is brief, but we will ask for testimonials and accolades to go with the recommendations. 


In March our board will review each and every candidate submission and select the first ever SCA 20 In Their Twenties award recipients. Upon final selection, “the Twenties” will be notified of this recognition, interviewed and featured in a special edition SCA magazine and possible panel event or workshop.

Upon reading this letter we encourage you to submit a few candidates for consideration by clicking here. Feel free to contact us by emailing info@scaupdates.org.

Warm regards,

SCA 20 In Their Twenties Committee,


Aimee Bailey            Yvette Hidary

Esther Betesh          Maurice Levy       

Victor Dweck            Sarah Sarway

R David Galpert