Qol Ha-Qahal

The mission of Qol Ha-Qahal is "To promote Torah throughout our community by providing a platform for our rabbis, students and institutions." The Newsletter features an assortment of articles from rabbis in the Sephardic community. Hard copies of the newsletter can be found in all SCA member affiliate institutions. For sponsorship opportunities, article contributions or any inquiries please contact Qahalnewsletter@gmail.com & to sign up for Qol Ha'Qahal emails, click here.

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Issue #59: Shabuot

In Honor of Sally and Joey Shamah

Issue #58: Israel @ 70

Dedicated in Honor of the new SCA Leadership by Hymie Shamah and Family

Issue #57: Pesah

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Ezra “Eddie” Schrem A”H by his wife and children

Issue #56: Shabbat Zakhor / Purim

In loving memory of Ronny Weinisch A"H By His wife Alberta, Barbara and Marty Waingort, Paulette and Hymie Azar, Eileen and Eddie Shalam

Issue #55: Tu' Be'Shvat

In loving memory of Nathan and Eleanor Mamiye by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

​​Issue #54: Hanukkah

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Joseph Ezra Grazi, A”H

​​Issue #53: Thanksgiving

In loving memory of Ezra Shabot A"H

עזרא בן פרידה מלכה תנצב״ה, ח׳ כסלו תשע״ה חבר טוב, שכן טוב, לב טוב

​​Issue #52: Simhat Torah 5778

In honor of Louis and Lorraine Shamie

Issue #51: High Holidays 5778

In Loving Memory of Mr Sam Catton A”H

Baal Ha-Sefarim

by those blessed from his Faith and Vision

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