SCA Updates:

SCA Values

Our community has Barukh HaShem, a long and proud history of Torah observance and adherence to traditional Sephardic values and customs. In order to perpetuate these values and customs and to help ensure the continuity of the blessings that we have long enjoyed as a Community, we hereby declare the following:

  • Commitment to Halakha

  • Respect and Tolerance

  • Interaction With Society

  • Growth Through Education

  • Torah and Higher Education

  • Learning and Earning

  • Medinat Yisrael

SCA Mission

The Sephardic Community Alliance is an organization established to reinforce and preserve the traditional Sephardic way of life of our ancestors based on the principles set forth in our declaration of values. Our commitment is to serve as a platform for lay leaders to work in unison with community rabbis, institutions and organizations in promoting the perpetuation of these values. We support all those who embrace our traditions and rich heritage and that uphold and endorse those values.