8 Days & Nights of Learning and Fun for All

In Loving Memory of Audrey Levy, Hannah Bat Rachel A"H


Saturday, december 12

6:30 PM

Mrs. Lynda Levy

Fun For Kids!

Zoom ID: lyndalevy

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Sunday, december 13

Rabbi Dr. Richard Hidary

11:00 AM

The Historical Background of Hanukkah

Zoom ID: 5646560502

Password: 613

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Rabbi Ephraim Gabbai

8:00 PM

Hanukka in the Geonic Period

Zoom ID: 84005513003

Password: 2332

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Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Margaret Benhamu

8:30 PM

Cook & Class Time to make the DONUTS, Laws of Bishul Akum Sponsored by Emily & Jack Anteby and Janice & Michael Dweck in honor of Rabbi and Margaret Benhamu

Zoom ID: abenhamu

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monday, december 14

Rabbi Ariel Mizrahi

9:00 AM

Thoughts of Hanukkah

Zoom ID: RabbiMizrahiZoom

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Mrs. Vivien Hidary

11:00 AM

What the Holiday is Really All About

Zoom ID: vivenhidary

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Rabbi Joseph Beyda

12:00 PM

Hanukkah Class: Daniel as the Precursor to the Maccabees

Zoom ID: jbeyda

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Rabbi Mimone Mamane

7:15 PM

Tehillim 30: The Sound of Hanukkah

Zoom ID: 7439064685

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Rabbi Dr. Raymond Harari

7:45 PM

Hanukkah: Then and Now

Zoom ID: rharari

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Rabbi Yohai Cohen

8:00 PM

Special Class on Hanukkah

Zoom ID: 8498700260

Password: 102030

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tuesday, december 15

11:00 AM

Rabbi Moses Haber

Our Faith is our Strength - Inspiration from Holiday of Hanukka

Zoom ID: rabbimoseshaber

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1:00 PM

Mrs. Esther Hidary

Thoughts on Hanukkah

Zoom ID: ehidary

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2:00 PM

Mrs. Emily Labaton

Maoz Tsur: Ancient History and a New Stanza

Zoom ID: emilylabaton

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8:00 PM

Rabbi Meyer Laniado

Is It A Menorah, a Hanukkah, or a Hanukiyah, and Does it Matter?

Zoom ID: 97781826820

Password: 840186

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8:00 PM

Rabbi David Tawil

Seeing the Beauty of Missvot

Zoom ID: 3402067856

Password: 736307

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8:00 PM

Rabbi Isaac Farhi

Miracles of Hanukkah

Zoom ID: 3652181001

Password: 613

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wednesday, december 16

10:30 AM

Rabbi Albert Setton

המבדיל בין קודש לחול ובין אור לחושך ובין ישראל לעמים

Zoom ID: 7325313220

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11:00 AM

Ms. Adele Chabot

Inspiration from Eress Israel Hanukah Edition

Zoom ID: adelechabot

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1:00 PM

Rabbi Naftali Besser

Hannukah Class

Zoom ID: besser

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8:30 PM

Allegra Franco Bet Midrash

Maintaining a Jewish identity in a secular culture Hanukah program led by mother daughter duos in breakout rooms

Zoom ID: allegrafrancowbm

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thursday, december 17

11:00 AM

Rabbi Edward Benjamin

Hanukkah in the Holy Land

Zoom ID: 4111919314

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11:30 AM

Rabbi Richard Tobias

Hanukkah When the Lights Go Out

Zoom ID: 9720831338

Password: 1061

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3:30 PM

Rabbi Joseph Dweck


Zoom ID: 5285402591

Password: 220170

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8:45 PM

Rabbi Abe Faur Halevy

Hanukkah: Military Victory or Miraculous Menorah?

Zoom ID: 2362486219

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