Qol Ha-Qahal

The mission of Qol Ha-Qahal is "To promote Torah throughout our community by providing a platform for our rabbis, students and institutions." The Newsletter features an assortment of articles from rabbis in the Sephardic community. Hard copies of the newsletter can be found in all SCA member affiliate institutions. For sponsorship opportunities, article contributions or any inquiries please contact Qahalnewsletter@gmail.com & to sign up for Qol Ha'Qahal emails, click here.

Issues 21-30

Issue #30: Ki Tissa

In honor of Charles and Brenda Saka by your loving family

Issue #29: Mishpatim-Terumah

Dedicated in memory of Sarah and Morris Benun

Issue #28: Bo-Beshalah

Dedicated in loving memory of Philip Jaroslawicz Z"L

Issue #27: Shemot-Vaera

Dedicated in memory of Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton A"H by Rachel and David Dweck and family and Elaine and Bobby Dweck and family




Issue #26: Hanukkah

Dedicated in memory of Rabbi Dr. Zevulun Lieberman A"H

Issue #25: Vayishlah-Vayeshev

Dedicated in honor of Rabbi Joseph M. Mizrachi for the devotion to the education of our youth

Issue #24: Vayera-Haye Sarah

Dedicated in memory of Harry S. Tawil by Saul and Elliot Tawil

Issue #23: Shemini 'Asseret & Simhat Torah

Dedicated in memory of Mark & Ruth Gindi by Jeanette & Joe Sabbagh and family 

Issue #22: High Holidays

Dedicated in honor of Helene, Sally, Rachel Shamah & Estee Gindi

Issue #21: Shofetim-Ki Teseh

Dedicated in memory of Moe and Rena Haber in honor of Rabbi Moses Haber by Gabe Haber and family

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