Qol Ha-Qahal

The mission of Qol Ha-Qahal is "To promote Torah throughout our community by providing a platform for our rabbis, students and institutions." The Newsletter features an assortment of articles from rabbis in the Sephardic community. Hard copies of the newsletter can be found in all SCA member affiliate institutions. For sponsorship opportunities, article contributions or any inquiries please contact Qahalnewsletter@gmail.com & to sign up for Qol Ha'Qahal emails, click here.

Issues 11-20

Issue #20: Tish'a Be'ab

Dedicated by Sari and Eddie Dana

Issue #19: 17th of Tammuz

Dedicated In loving memory of Albert and Peggy Hazan by thier children and grandchildren

Issue #18: Jersey Shore Erub Guide 2015

Dedicated by the Mamiye Foundation

Issue #17: Parashiot Behalotekha-Shelah

Dedicated in honor of Sharyn and Ezra S. Ashkenazi

Issue #16: Shabuot

Dedicated in memory of Rabbi Solomon D. Sassoon A"H by Julie and Morris Dweck

Issue #15: Yom Yerushalayim

Dedicated in honor of Norma and Sol Betesh by their children and grandchildren

Issue #14: Yom Ha'asmaut

Dedicated by Joe & Jeanette Sabbagh in recognition of the members of the SCA and their integral work on behalf of the Syrian Community 

Issue #13: Pesah

Dedicated in honor of Vivien Hidary by her husband Morris Hidary their her children and grandchildren

Issue #12: Purim

Dedicated in honor of Paulette and Morris Bailey, Founder and Chairman of the SCA, by Sophia and Gabe Zeitouni

Issue #11: Yitro-Mishpatim

Dedicated in loving memory of Nathan J. Franco

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