A Message from our President

February 15th, 2018

I am both humbled and excited about my appointment as President of the Sephardic Community Alliance. Since its inception close to 10 years ago, the organization has sought to unite member organizations across the community with a shared value system. The SCA has enabled community institutions to leverage assets across multiple organizations, sharing resources, leaders and facilities to better serve the community. Programs such as the Ilead leadership training program, Project Education- addressing the tuition crisis and countless learning programs throughout the year were started through the efforts of the SCA. 


Moving forward I am eager to continue our partnership with affiliates to build on our past successes and continue to find ways to serve the community in an ever-changing global world. My board of directors and I are working on executing a qualitative and quantitative census of our 30+ member organizations to help better understand our constituency and the challenges we face. We look forward to working with the Rabbis of our affiliates and giving them the tools they need to help them excel in their role as institutional leaders. Additionally, we will continue to empower our organizations to educate our community through daily and seasonal learning programs and events for the entire community. We are also developing ways to build our SCA tool box to offer more value and resources to our affiliates. Areas of focus will include, governance, marketing support and programming support to name a few. 


We hope to achieve our goals under the guidance of our Board of Trustees. Our founder Morris Bailey as well as our past presidents Eli Harari and Hymie Shamah serve on this board in addition to many seasoned lay leaders including Joe Cayre, Stanley Chera, Ezra Ashkenazi, Jeffery Beyda and my father Alan Shamah. Through their guidance we hope to grow while remaining committed to the core SCA values.


I would also like to also welcome my operating board of directors – Eddie Falack, Maurice Levy, Ricky Novick, Sam Haddad, Jesse M. Sutton and Irving Safdieh – who have agreed to invest their time to empower, educate, unite and incubate programs and organizations across our wonderful community. 


The SCA is a resource for your organization to benefit from. Please feel free to contact me or any of our directors to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns as we ensure that our values are preserved while we continue to grow as a community. 


Respectfully Yours, 


Joseph A. Shamah

President, SCA